Spring 2016
QV Middle School Tennis Club Members

Gianna Babusci, Megan Campbell, Will Campbell, Amanda Chau,

Cameron Cousins, Nathan Cupit, Bruce David, Elijah Doncevc, Bella Debacca,

Justin Hajdukiewicz, Shane Hale, Michael Lipton, Allie Mangan, Alex McDonald, Emily Novak, Jack Peduzzi, Paul Ratkovich, Lucas Ratkovich,
Michael Snyder, Ben Thomas, Brandon Thompson

* 20+ players
* Matches with Sewickley Academy and Butler Area
 *Lots of jokes and laughing
* Lots of ice cream stops- "It's a tradition"; "What's the limit?"
* Lots of tennis
 * New friendships, new skills, new fun!   

Many thanks to our assistants:
Potter Oliver, Sydney Schultz, Jacob Puyana,

Grace Merriman and Nate Carver

See you in the Fall
for another great

QV Middle School Tennis Club season! 
Have a fun and safe summer!

Key Lob

Certified Tennis
and Platform Tennis Instruction